Alpha is generated at inflections and via special situations.

Peer into the weekly trading notes of a hedge fund manager. Cut through the clutter and stay up-to-date on these unique, Event-Driven opportunities with Kuppy’s Event-Driven Monitor.

What are "special situations" and what is Event-Driven Investing?​

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“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the work you guys do. I think it is the coolest thing, and genuinely take away a new idea every time. I read every page, every week, and am always blown away at how f*cking amazing each edition is!”
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“I am a new subscriber and think KEDM is great!”
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“Awesome this is so good. So much for the efficient market theory that all the market information is priced in…”
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“This looks great, I wish I would have known about your site much sooner. Thanks.”
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“Thanks for the latest edition of the KEDM! I only signed up recently after seeing you on Zer0esTV, but it has already provided me with some great insights and ideas.”