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5 Straight Days of Bitcoin ETF Outflows…

Some highlights from this weekend’s Event Driven Monitor

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The Event of the Week

GBTC Outflows Aren’t Finding a Home in Other BTC ETFs (Chart from Farside Investors)

We’ve always been believers that Ponzi Schemes are either inflating, or deflating. They cannot exist in a state of equilibrium. With that in mind, we want to republish the most recent chart of Bitcoin ETF flows.

Now, we get that most of the outflows are coming from GBTC, as no one wants to invest with the fat chick of Bitcoin ETFs. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that there have now been 5 consecutive days of outflows (which is quite the rarity). While 5 days isn’t exactly a trend, it’s also worth noting. Was a pullback inevitable after a huge up move?? Sure…

Were a bunch of Bitcoins bought ahead of the ETF approval, only to be dumped on hapless retail?? Have these sales finally stopped the crypto advance?? We’re not sure. For now, we’re merely spectators. However, we do remember that every prior crypto boom ended when the sh*tcoin victory laps filled up our Twitter feed, sapping flows from relatively boring Bitcoin…

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Kuppy’s Tweet of the Week

What do the Chinese know, that Westerners don’t???

Chart and Kliff Note of the Week

Dubai’s parking solution provider, Parkin Co, started trading under PARKIN UH. The shares opened 31% higher from the IPO. The prospectus is here. The company’s market cap is $2.3 bil. Since we started tracking the IPOs in the region, PARKIN UH is the 8th privatization since 2022.

For more details, see our ‘Completed Privatization’ monitor. To track upcoming privatizations check out our “Proposed Privatization” monitor.

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Friends of KEDM

  • Friend of KEDM and one of our favorite short-sellers Carson Blockof Muddy Waters wants to sack the Chairman at Mayfair Gold Corp – MFG.CN, as he is learning the hard way re:Junior Miner management. He has “lost confidence in the ability of the Board to set realistic goals, establish key strategic targets and align management with those outcomes. In addition, we have significant concerns regarding the excessive distribution of options,” Carson and entities acting jointly control 17% of Mayfair Gold. While we won’t go into the irony of a habitual short seller choosing a Canadian junior gold miner to go very long, y’all know how we feel about the yellow metal…
  • Friend of KEDM Brandon Beylo hosted young gun Alberto Alvarez on his podcast for a commodity bull fest. Naturally we tuned in to hear about uranium, copper, and the platinum group of metals.

Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor scans over 20 corporate events for market moving information and distills them into our propietary “Kliff Notes.”  One profitable trade should more than cover an annual subscription and access to the Event Driven chatroom!

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