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KEDM’s New Years Resolutions!

Some highlights from this weekend’s Event Driven Monitor

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The Event of the Week

All jokes aside, KEDM is getting better in 2024!

First up, over the next few weeks and months we will be providing a bit more color on a few of the “bigger” Monitors, such as Spins, Privatizations, Buybacks, CEO changes, Clusters, etc. Consider these “tutorials lite.” We’ll dive into each one (what it is and why it’s interesting) with a few “fair and balanced” examples and case studies on each.

From there we will begin introducing “KEDM Dives,” which are a bit deeper dives into specific Events within certain Monitors. We are targeting Events that tend to take some time to play out and have a lot of moving pieces and newsflow, e.g. Domestic and International Spins and Privatizations are first on the docket with Activism/13D likely following. Consider these “research reports lite” and a repository of information on the Events and NOT recommendations.

Later in the year (and once/if our CCO approves), we hope to introduce KEDM’s “Live List,” which will be a running list and summary of some of the Events that appear in KEDM. Rather than flag it one week, only for it to disappear into the ether, we hope managing this list will put it “front and center” and not forgotten as the Event develops. Mind you, these again will NOT be recommendations, nor will we be trading them all, but rather a running, shortlist of those Events as they unfold.

With our resolutions out of the way, let’s spend a bit of time chatting buybacks since they have been the massive factor outperformer in the past few years.

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Kuppy’s Tweet of the Week

8 days might be a new record for fastest oil market dump

Chart and Kliff Note of the Week

We discussed the power of buybacks as a predictor of outperformance this week so we thought we’d highlight one here…

Osisko, OSK CN, which is developing the “Windfall” gold mine in Quebec, is reupping their NCIB for 10% of the SO. They took in 14m shares in 2023. A rare gold miner repurchasing shares instead of issuing them.

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Friends of KEDM

  • The uranium thesis continues to get increasing mainstream coverage. This time it was ex-Elliot PM Jay Newman who wrote an article for FT Alphaville. Newman highlights why policy seems to be the main factor preventing a “Nuclear Renaissance” in the West. 
  • Are we the last oil bulls standing? Doomberg was one of the more prominent energy bulls of the last few years but that seems to have changed recently. Everyone has been telling us to watch his podcast with Adam Taggart. The title says it all… “Expect Lower Oil Prices In The New Era Of Abundant Supply”.

Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor scans over 20 corporate events for market moving information and distills them into our propietary “Kliff Notes.”  One profitable trade should more than cover an annual subscription and access to the Event Driven chatroom!

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