Happy Hour with Kuppy and friends

“The Bull Case for Venezuela” with Daniel Rottenberg

November 17, 2023

After years of international sanctions and a domestic economic crisis Venezuela has certainly been beaten up and starved of capital. Things are changing though and on October 18, 2023 the Biden administration partially reduced sanctions against the Venezuelan Oil sector perhaps signaling changing tides for relations with Carcas and a catalyst for capital to return to the country.

That’s why we’ve brought Daniel Rottenberg, founder of Arqos Capital, the largest foreign investor in Venezuelan Real Estate. Daniel will discuss the progress he’s seen in the Venezuelan economy even prior to the easing of sanctions.

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“Allocator’s Perspective” Happy Hour with Marcus Frampton

October 20th, 2023

Marcus Frampton is CIO of the $75bn Alaska Permanent fund, the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Alaska. In this conversation with Kuppy, Marcus demystifies the world of institutional allocators, explaining how he and his counterparts make decisions with their massive stacks of capital, how much leeway CIOs like him have to make major allocation changes, and his particularly informed perspective on private market asset classes that have come to dominate the institutional investing world. As well, he touches on some of the Event-Driven trading strategies he likes in his PA.

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Citizenship Investing Happy hour with Basil Mohr Elziki

August 25, 2023

Closed borders, restricted movement, currency controls, authoritarianism, rigged elections, and fuktards for politicians. No, we aren’t talking about a 3rd world dictatorship, we are talking about the global pendulum that seems to be swinging- turning DMs into EMs. Basil Mohr Elziki dives into how to become a global citizen and answer our questions about dual citizenship and getting a second passport. Basil is a Managing Director over at Henley & Partners, the global leaders in citizenship and residency investing programs. They work with both High Net Worth Individuals looking to take advantage of existing programs, and governments looking to develop or improve their own programs and attract foreign investors.

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Deflation Happy Hour with Mike Green

July 28th, 2023

Mike Green, Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist for Simplify Asset Management comes to KEDM to discuss his bearish macro outlook with Max Wiethe. Mike details the disinflationary and outright deflationary indicators that he's seeing flashing bright red. He also explains why the massive spike in bankruptcies we are seeing has not translated to wider credit spreads and highlights the many contradictions he sees with the strong housing and labor market narratives.

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“Metamorphosis of the Old Economy” Happy Hour with Bob Robotti

June 30, 2023

Legendary value investor Bob Robotti joins Kuppy to discuss his outlook on a number of "old economy" businesses and sectors that have undergone tremendous transformations after a decade of capital starvation and have him feeling like "a kid in a candy store" when he looks at many of these opportunities. Together they discuss OSVs, homebuilders, lumber producers, China's economic woes and role in global industrial demand, the relative lack of competition in the value investing space, and much more...

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“Big Short” Happy Hour with Porter Collins

April 14, 2023

Given the tremors reverberating through markets and the banking system we thought it was the perfect time to bring on hedge fund manager, "Big Short" legend, and KEDM subscriber Porter Collins of Seawolf Capital to talk about similarities and differences between now and the GFC and get a feel for how he is navigating the turbulence. Kuppy and Porter discuss the current market environment, how they each like to trade in markets like this, how Porter uses KEDM, and the individual names both short and long Porter is watching right now.


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Natural Resources Happy Hour with Warren Irwin

March 3, 2023

Warren Irwin has been one of the best performing natural resources hedge fund managers since he launched Rosseau Asset Management in 1998, and more recently has become one of the more prominent uranium bears even though he’s actually long. In this happy hour discussion he outlines his uranium bear case and touches on other commodities like copper, nickel, metallurgical coal, and oil.


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Project Zimbabwe Happy Hour Webinar with Erik Renander

January 27, 2023

We’ve all probably heard Kuppy talk about “Project Zimbabwe” but what is actually like to live and invest in the country second only to Weimar Germany in its association with hyperinflation? If anybody has that answer it’s Erik Renander. From 2013 to 2021 Erik ran the Hedge Invest Africa Opportunities Fund where he regularly took research trips to Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, and Zimbabwe where he got to see first hand how hyperinflation effects daily life and asset prices.

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Bonus Oil Happy Hour with Warren Pies

December 29, 2022

We all know Kuppy is bulled up on oil but different views and different time horizons are what makes a market. That's why Max has invited one of his favorite oil and energy market analysts, Warren Pies, Founder of 3Fourteen Research, to give a different oil perspective as we close out 2022 and look forward to 2023. They discuss Warren's personal oil outlook, how that differs slightly from his firms highly quantitative models, and why they view energy exposure as must have for diversification in 2023. They also take viewer questions and touch on 3Fourteen's broader outlook for stocks, the economy, and the Fed.

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December 2022 Happy Hour with Tony Greer

December 16, 2022

Kuppy and Tony Greer sit down to discuss what macro themes Tony thinks are driving markets at the moment, how he's playing them, and what he is watching for the next big market regime change. They touch on the oil market and other commodities, Tony's favorite and least favorite charts at the moment, and how Tony has improved his process and technical analysis toolkit over the years.

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